Sunday, September 29, 2013

5th Birthday Letter to Claire Brooklyn

Claire Brooklyn,
You’ve done a lot of growing up this year. You’re leaving the shell of your toddler years behind and you’re headed straight into kid territory. It’s kind of terrifying and exciting all at once.

As a mom, there’s this small side of me tangled up in emotions about the reality that most of your life lived so far you’ll never remember when you’re my age. And that’s kind of sad when I think about it. All the cuddles we’ve shared and giggles we’ve delighted in, you won’t remember when you’re older. Some of the best moments of my life shared with you, won’t really be a part of your memories.  Thank goodness for SCRAPBOOKS!!!!

I asked you what five felt like. You thought a moment and said, “it feels like four.” Congratulations. You’ve discovered the meaning of life about 30 years early.

I asked you what wish you want to make this year that’s not a present. You said you wish that everyone in the world loves each other as much as they love their kids.  Wise beyond your years my little princess!!!!

 My Birthday wishes for you…
I wish you remain the loving, honest, funny, wise, kind, compassionate person of integrity that you miraculously are today. I wish you remain the person with the strong moral compass who tells me solemnly when someone cuts in line.

I wish you remain the person who sobs uncontrollably when you think you have done something bad, not because you think you have disappointed us (or because I want you to cry), but because I think in your heart you know when you disappoint yourself.

I wish you remain the person who dances when the music stops, sings your own lyrics, and makes up your own 18 syllable words. I wish you remain the person who thinks every movie she sees is the very best one ever made. (It does make it a lot easy to find something to watch on a Saturday night.)

I wish you remain the person who takes care of your dolls as if it really, really matters.

 I wish you remain the person not afraid to one-up your dad with silly jokes.

I wish you continue to hug with your entire body.

 I wish you never stop kissing me on the lips, even when your brother makes a face.

Most of all, I wish that forever you remain the five year-old Claire you are today ,because she is spectacular.

Happy fifth birthday my sweet girl. You make me whole in so many ways.  Who knew a heart could love so much?  It took becoming a mother for me to understand love like this.  Thank you, Claire.  I love you through and through, yesterday, today and tomorrow, too.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conner's 9th Birthday Letter

As another birthday draws near another birthday letter is in order.....

Dear Conner,
Today, you my son turn nine and I want you to know that I am oh so happy to be your mommy.  I need to say mommy, because of course these days you insist on calling me Mom.  It’s your way of showing how you are growing up and becoming BIG.   Although I act like it is not okay with me, it really is.  I want you to grow up, and I want you to become the amazing man that I know you will.
Nine is hard for me.  It’s one birthday away from double digits and it’s almost like a half-way mark of my parenting.  Yes, of course I’ll always be your mom and hopefully you’ll always need me for something. I do know that in nine more years you’ll be 18, and that my son is when you will be BIG.
The past nine years have been my favorite years ever.  You were the child that brought your dad and I into parenthood.  You started this whole Taylor clan off to a great start.  You have become a big brother two times.
When you are feeling like it, you are a great help to your sisters.  You show them things, and help them with things that little 4 and 7 year old girls need help with.  When you are feeling like it, you keep your sisters in line and include everyone to play your games.  You are growing into a leader, and I pray that God will continue to mold you into that role as biggest brother.  They all look up to you, and that’s a big deal.  Remember that as you make choices.
In the next nine years you will change drastically.  You will grow hair in places you never thought you would.  Your voice will crack and you’ll get embarrassed.  You’ll have good days, and you’ll have bad days.  You will start to look at girls in a new light and I’m fairly confident that one will break your heart. (Lord help me AND her when that day comes!!!) You will not want tell me things.  You will go on a trip with your dad and he will tell you all you need to know about being a man.  You will pick a college.  You will cram for tests.  You will then leave me.
To say that my heart is not ready for the day you leave for college is an understatement.  I know I have nine more years before that happen, but these nine years have literally flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant, having a boy, and then you made your grand entrance into the world two and a half weeks early.
Thank you for letting me love you.  I want you to know that I love you, will fight for you, and will always be here for you.  Even when you go to college and fall in love and replace me with the girl of your dreams.  I know my place will change, and another woman will hold your heart, but know that I will always love you and 9 years into being your mommy I’m super proud of you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kenney's Spa Party

We had such a GREAT time with GREAT friends celebrating Kennedy's 7th Birthday!  We celebrated x2 this year!  On Saturday she had some close friends celebrate with her at NTouch Massage with a "Spa Day"! The girls were greeted with a robe to put on and then everyone got a mani, pedi, and a facial.  The girls had SOOOO much fun! After it was over the other Mommies and I decided we wanted to have our birthday party there too!
facial time!

the girls


SOOO Excited to be 7!

nail polish cake balls


robe and slipper sock favors


cupcakes...aren't the the cutest!!!

and more cupcakes

The party favors
On Sunday we celebrated with our Family!  Kennedy was so excited to get her very own TV for her room and her Vera Bradley bag.  I guess my little lady is growing up....she wanted a Vera bag just like the "big girls" to carry to school.  Thanks so much to Grancy for getting her the American Girl Doll of the year, Saige!  She has been on Kennedy's wish  list since she was released!!!!
My girls


Vera Bag for School

Her very own TV for her room!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kennedy's 7th Birthday Letter

My Precious Kennedy Grace,

It's that time of the year again. 

The time of the year when I reflect on how fast time really does fly.  The time of the year when I try not to think of all the things I've probably done wrong as we journey through parenthood together.  It's the time of the year when we celebrate the day you came into our lives and changed everything for the better.
You  are seven and I know in just a few short years you will be a teenager and I will feel like I just blinked again and POOF! you're grown.  But please know this Kennedy, of all the things I hold dear, more than the shiny things you love to admire in my jewelry box, more than anything I possess, I treasure these small moments that turn into days that turn into years and ultimately memories.  They are my treasures and I am so thankful that you were added to our lives.
Everything about you is BIG – your personality, your vocabulary, your creativity, and sometimes your temper, but that’s ok, we’re working on that, along with making my patience, well, bigger too.  Another thing that is BIG is your heart. You are so full of kindness and generosity; it is a joy to see.  You are full of quirky, too. Of course, stripes go with stripes, and polka dots go with stripes; and yes, it’s perfectly sensible in your world to require that a top have ALL the colors found in the stripy leggings and yes the glittery headbands must match too. I love how everything must go and yet nothing goes together in your world. And of COURSE, everyone needs a glittery headband to step out of the house and sequins are NOT just for birthday parties!
You are very much an independent little lady but still need your Momma when things don’t go your way.  I pray that this is the same when you are twenty three and forty three; that you can come home, put your head on my shoulder and cry when things are not going your way.  Though I know you will be able to cope on your own, I pray that you remember that home is always here.  For as long as you want it.
I will wish that I could offer you something as sure as a princess band-aid or our cheek to cheek snuggle to fix all of your heartaches in your future.  Although I may not always have that perfect motherly fix to all of your problems as I seem to do now ,I want you to know I will ALWAYS here and will ALWAYS be your BIGGEST fan in this journey we travel through together as mother and daughter.
Happy Birthday Princess!

Kennedy's 7th Birthday: The Invites

I have had one VERY excited six year old (old most 7 year old) around my house the past few weeks!  Kennedy is counting down the days until her SPA PARTY!  We created some really fun invites together, the more glitter the better according to Kennedy!
Although it was VERY hard for her to narrow the invite list to just a few close friends we finally compiled her list and mailed them we just wait!!!  In the meantime we have been working on some pretty cute favors (pictures to come, we don't want to spoil the surprise for our guest).  We can't wait to share our SPA PARTY ideas!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taylor Christmas 2012

The  Taylor Grands...

The kids and Grancy before Christmas Eve Breakfast

Claire putting Baby Jesus in the Manger on Christmas Morning

Claire on Christmas Morning

Conner and his metal detector

Claire's loot

Kennedy's loot

Kennedy and  her North Face Jacket

The Padget Grands in their matching jammies made by Grancy

Conner's loot

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Taylor Halloween

 The kids were the gang from Scooby Doo this year....Conner was going to be Fred but decided on a Werewolf which I guess somehow fits into the theme there is always a monster in Scooby Doo right??
 We had a great time with the Bryant kids at Trunk or Treat at SJS.  The kids really enjoyed handing out candy to their friends.
 We started Trick or Treat night off right with homemade chicken noodle soup at Grancy's house.
 Smile Papaw!
Cousin Chase found out Conner was going to be a werewolf so he wanted to be one cute it was when they showed up to Aunt Diane's Halloween party in the EXACT same costume!!!