Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kennedy's 4th Birthday Party: THE FOOD

A special thanks to my next door neighbor for this fabulous cake! It was such a huge hit!

It was a big decision for the kiddos (and adults too I might add) when it came to what to have to drink. We had pink lemonade in pink and orange sugar rimmed glasses served with licorice as a straw. We also had orange crush, which always tastes better out of the bottle decorated with a little ribbon to keep with the orange and pink theme.

The main entree of course was the candy buffet! Well, we did have little sandwiches, a chiken tray, chips and fruit but who cares about that...lets get on with the CANDY!
It was a dentists nightmare we had skittles, m & ms, gum, peppermints, rock candy, suckers, licorice, pixie sticks, I could go on and on. At the beginning of the table I had pink and orange hand stamped lunch bags that said SWEETS. In a frame I placed the following: Grab a bag, take a treat, Thanks for making my 4th birthday so SWEET! Love, Kennedy. I made sure each child got a bag full of candy before leaving! The kids were just fascinated with this!

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